Mission and sectoral mandates


the Act respecting the ministère des Finances confers on the Minister the mission of advising the government on financial matters and fostering economic development.

To this end, the department supports the Minister by elaborating and proposing economic, fiscal, budgetary and financial policies. It also elaborates and proposes financial assistance and tax incentive measures to promote and support growth in the economy, investment, and employment.


The ministère des Finances, through its contribution to the responsible, rigorous management of public finances, wishes to be recognized as an efficient, innovative institution focused on excellence that serves society as a whole and Québec’s economic development, which is ensuring that current and future generations enjoy a better quality of life.


The ministère des Finances relies on the expertise of eight major sectors:

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These sectors are backed by support units, such as the Direction générale de l'administration, the Direction des communications, the Direction du secrétariat général et de la coordination ministérielle.